Anonymous said: Hey! Do you have any insight on breastfeeding and nipple piercings? I have had mine for close to ten years and plan on taking them out when I actually nurse or pump, but overall I've found very little credible info. Even my doctor had very little to offer, alluding that I had somewhat ruined my chances by damaging the ducts...

I had absolutely no problem with it at all. I just had more holes to offer milk from.


Vegan Caramels

This is really easy. They are very soft and not too sticky. I like them best cold.

You will need…..

  • One cup of margarine(or coconut oil)
  • Two cups sugar
  • Two cups milk alternative
  • One cup of corn syrup
  • A few splashes of vanilla
  • A few pinches of salt(I like my caramel salted, so I add a couple of table spoons)

Prepare and 8X8 baking dish lined with parchment paper and set aside.

Combine margarine, sugar, milk, corn syrup, and salt into a large pot(candy thermometer nestled gently inside) on medium heat. Heat the mixture gradually, stirring frequently until it reaches 245 degrees fahrenheit. Remove from heat and stir in vanilla. Pour into the lined baking dish and place on a cooling rack. You can refrigerate to accelerate the process.

Once the candy is completely cooled, remove from the baking dish and cut* 10 rows horizontally, and then 10 rows vertically across the horizontal rows. This should leave you with 100 little caramel squares. Wrap them individually with strips of parchment paper. Ta da! You have caramels!

* The caramels are easiest to cut cold, with an oiled(coconut oil) knife.

Oh yeah, also gonna make these again this weekend. Look out!

Anonymous said: To the keratosis anon: I strongly suggest Cetaphil cream. You can get it over the counter and it really helps reduce the visibility of the bumps. I've stopped using it because I don't really mind having them, but if you're self-conscious it can be a real confidence booster. <3

Anonymous said: Why do you not believe in ghosts? not an attack, just curious. There is a lot of evidence (and I have had many personal experiences of being touched, hearing voices, and seeing apparitions) out there if you do the research. I personally think people who don't believe in ghosts simply don't just because of how hollywood and the media makes them out to be much more ridiculous than they actually are. Like, the whole "boo i'm a ghost" thing. I dunno. what do you think?

I am a cynical cunt when it comes to certian things, and this is one of them.

I am not religious. I am not spiritual. I do not believe in souls, or any sort of afterlife. I believe that we are here by chance(from an evolutionary standpoint), and we live until we die, and when we die, we are dead, and that is it. There is really no room for the idea of spirits or ghosts in my mind. It has nothing to do with hollywood or anything of the sort.

I have had my own experiences with weird shit happening, but I just write it off as weird shit happening.  

Anonymous said: I have really awful keratosis pilaris (a skin disease) ALL over my legs and my upper arms, even on my butt. Because of this, I have legitimately never worn shorts or skirts or even t-shirts/tank tops!!! Always long sleeves and pants or tights. I don't think about it much but it really restricts me. It's the only thing I hate about myself because it's not subtle at all, I just hate it so much and sometimes I cry about it because it can't be corrected with surgery or anything. Any tips? :(

I know what it is! I have it too! Lots of people do!

If it is something that is truly bothersome to you, they do have lotions and creams that can over time reduce the visibility and prominence of the bumps. I had some lotions and creams(they were from a dermatologist) for it when I was younger(mostly for my face, I have never really liked my rosy cheeks), but I kind of just said fuck it. It is something that is far more common than I had realized.

Overtime, I have found that my rosy bumps feel and look best when they are exfoliated, and well moisturized(nothing with mineral oil, or any other petroleum (by)product). Mine do not like the cold, so exposing them to a cold environment makes them very visible. I don’t know. I don’t really have any tips. There is nothing wrong with you. You’ve just got lots of little red freckles. Spending your life hiding can’t be all that fun. Acknowledge that you are not alone, and try not to alienate yourself over this. I know its hard and not so ideal, but its the body you’ve got, baby.

You are more than welcome to talk to me off anon is you’d like. Also, if anyone else has keratosis pilaris and would like to chime in, that is cool too!


Anonymous said: Whenever I try to shave or even trim my vulva area I get razor burn. Would a new razor every time also help this? Or do you have any other tips?

Yes, it would make a huge difference.

Also, try exfoliating the area you shaved the day after you shave, if you’re really prone to ingrown hairs or razor burn.

Anonymous said: whenever i shave my ass crack i get terrible razor burn. how do you prevent that?

Use a new razor every time.

Anonymous said: when do you think the restaurant will be rebuilt/you'll go back to work? do you miss it?

Most things are ready to go. We are just waiting on some inspections  and such. After we get those, we can order all the food, and be open!

I do miss it. I really like my job a lot, but I also really miss being financially stable and living independently. I’m ready.

Anonymous said: Hi Jamie! I have a question about the menstrual cookies. I was wondering if you would ever bake them and ship them to a curious reader? I would love to try them.

Probably not. Sorry, baby!

Anonymous said: Do you and Gino ever reverse roles? Would you ever?

We don’t really have roles. It isn’t really anything big or elaborate. It is really very simple. We both just do what we want.